Seeing Spots

There has been some confusion about the spotted Babydolls... first off, let us start with YES, purebred spotted Babydoll sheep exist.

Spotted is a categorized color that has been accepted and around since the original Mock Babydoll registry was established. The decision to allow them is based on historical references to spotted and/or speckled sheep being born among the breed since back in the original homeland in the South Downs of Sussex county..

Although there are references and carvings of speckled and spotted Southdowns going back for centuries, they were typically culled (as many of the black Southdown sheep were too) since white was the preferred fleece for dying and processing purposes. In our more modern times though, there is no need to cull and/or not recognize this unique trait that pops up in our sweet little smiling sheep though. It makes having Babydolls all the more interesting and unique.

It is important to know though that this coloring is a unique part of the Babyd…

National Babydoll Southdown Sheep Show

We are so excited to announce that Babydoll Southdown Sheep Breeders Association & registry will be sponsoring & hosting a National Babydoll Southdown Sheep Show! This will be happening at the 25th Annual NJ Sheep & Fiber Festival on September 7 - 8, 2019, in Ringoes, NJ.

The offer was presented to us and how could we say no? With this opportunity, BSSBA will be able to display the quality of this breed in with this show. The Babydoll Southdown will also be the featured sheep at the well-attended, popular event - allowing BSSBA to educate a large demographic on the east coast about our sweet, little breed. There will also be vendors from all over the United States, seminars, educational sessions and demonstrations as well.

Details are still being updated, but when available, more info can be found here:

Almost A Whole Year

Right around this time last year (in about a week), Reni was getting ready to post on social media about our big, crazy, wild adventure...

"Hello, everyone,

Realizing there has been much controversy over the OEBR registry the last 10 months without much resolve and much disappointment we have decided to start a new registry. For those that are interested, this registry will be a closed registry staying within the Mock standards and allowing members who have registered with OEBR in the past to transfer and register their sheep with the new registry. This will include any lambs, ewes and rams that you have sold to buyers while you were registered with OEBR.

As I realize many have paid for memberships and registrations for 2018 with OEBR. We are going to keep the fees for transfers and registrations at a lower cost in 2018. There will not be any membership fees until September 1, 2018. 

Our new registry is electronic and will be maintained by the Associated Registry. 

The name of the n…

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