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Getting sheep organized

I spoke to someone this morning who sent their paperwork over to register their Mock sheep with BSSBA. Then we reviewed how to register their NABSSAR sheep with BSSBA also and discussed a purebred ewe that the last owner lost paperwork for.

It is exciting to help get this whole flock organized!!

Some history

This is an archived version of the NABSSAR website from March 2006 that I screenshot on June 29, 2018... The highlighted portion reads: "The [North American BABYDOLL Southdown Sheep Association and Registry] stands as an open registration; therefore, all BABYDOLL Southdown Sheep of non-registration status are also welcome provided the sheep meet the breed standard" ~ Nowhere does this detail the process to include proof of Mock lineage (or any lineage) and the organization's own wording outright says that sheep with non-registration status are welcome if they meet standard.

Though their practices have obviously been updated and gone through changes, it is important to know that at one time according to their own website, the North American BABYDOLL Southdown Sheep Association (NABSSAR) accepted sheep from other registries and unregistered sheep.

This NABSSAR information goes back just a little over 10 years ago. So you are looking at possibly only 5 or 6 generations (f5…