With a paid membership, your name will be listed on our membership website page with the contact information you choose to list along with a link to your e-mail address for FREE.

Should you like to add a link to your website to sell your BSSBA registered sheep or sheep related products, we will maintain a link for you for FREE as well.

Paid membership also allows you access to our closed Facebook group: Babydoll Southdown Sheep Breeders Association

Our newsletter should be up and running soon, allowing members to not only keep up to date with information but also share with one another by submitting photos, articles and tips.


Our calendar year for membership dues will be September - September knowing how expensive December can be with the holidays and other year-end bills.

Dues need to be paid by September 30th of each year.

Now - September 2018 *
Membership: $0
Registration for lambs under a year: $5
Registration for lambs over a year old: $8
Transfers: $5
An additional $4 can be paid for the lineage of your sheep on their Certificate of Registry

September 2018 - September 2019
Membership: $15
Junior Member: $10

Starting September 2019
Registration of lambs under a year old: $10
Registrations of lambs over a year old: $13
Transfers: $10

* - Special note for early 2018: Knowing the position many of you are already in having paid towards registries with maybe no results, we are attempting to keep fees as little as possible to start.


BSSBA contracts the Associated Registry (AR) for electronic record keeping and database purposes. This allows our members a service with regular business hours and is also a safe, secure place to keep breeding records stored for a more streamlined, sustainable registry.

Maximize your membership - get involved:
  • Feel free to frequently check out the website, then e-mail us with suggestions or comments; 
  • Submit an article or story for our upcoming newsletter; 
  • Touch base with us about questions, comments, or concerns; 
  • Enter your farm in the “Featured Farm” section of our newsletter;
  • Vote on polls and share photos in our Facebook group;
  • Have a tip you think others could use, let us know & we'll share it

The BSSBA is YOUR registry. Let's make this the best experience & group possible for our little smiley sheep! They deserve it.